Age of imagination economy comes

That human was controlled by the computer was represented in The Terminator 30 years ago, but we didn’t know how it come in the future at that time. With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the labor force is being replaced by robots. When the age of robot comes, human beings will leave nothing but imagination, and the future belongs to the imagination economy ( Alex Faickney Osborn, father of creatology, once said imagination was the touchstone of human’s capacity, on which they relied to conquer the world, just as Jia Wei, the founder and CEO of LKK Group, said imagination is the biggest creativity. In the morning of June 9, LKK shared its ideas about “imagination” in CES Asia 2017 whose topic was “consumption upgrading under the imagination economy”.

In the conference, Li Yichao, CEO of LKK, firstly shared his opinions and pointed out, “even if AI is much more advanced, it cannot overpass human’s aesthetics, imagination and creative initiative. We have more time to make creation, and each user can build his or her own value, so today, we are opening the door of imagination economy.” The imagination economy adds new values and possibilities to our lives through new designs. Its core is “to understand users continuously”, but it is not enough for LKK. “Understanding users well” is the most important. Taking Honeywell air cleaner, the top seller in that year, for example, LKK almost took 3 months to deeply analyze consumers in 15 cities in China, in order to find out major users’ demands. By using new designs, Honeywell’s air cleaner became the quietest one in the market. LKK helped Honeywell enter Chinese market by creating designs.

As the founder and CEO of LKKER Future, Jia Wei held the “easy trans 600”, a portable smart translation machine designed and marketed by LKK Group for iFLYTEK, and invited foreigners to show its function of translating between Chinese and English. As soon as Mr. Jia spoke Chinese, the machine translated it into English, which won a lot of applause. He even joked that simultaneous interpreters may lose their jobs in the future. Mr. Jia thought that the imagination times centered with users has come, and so-called consumption upgrading was actually imagination upgrading. Connectivity gave all products imagination, and channels also had imagination after the revolution. The age of industry took knowledge, engineers and scientists as the core, while imagination was the core in and after the age of internet. He suggested that apart from the existing mode of CBD (C is taking users as the core, B enterprises + supply chain, and D designers), LKKER would build a black-technology lab to develop the best products in various fields. He also raised the concept of “shared design, creating good products, and building a world in which everyone is designer”.

How on earth can imagination economy be realized? Matt Scott, the co-founder and CEO of Malong Technologies, answered the question in the conference. Scott thought artificial intelligence was a new material, like clay and wood, and products can be cooler and smarter by using it. Designers can make new products by using AI to meet consumers’ demands and promote consumption upgrading. That is what Scott called “AI + consumption upgrading”. From Scott’s introduction, we knew the “ProductAI” platform can provide the service of goods identification, and it’s the first AI platform of goods identification in the vertical field around the world.

How fast can the card punch be? Is it possible to finish it in 0.1 second? A product named Uface made it. This product was created by LKK and Uni-Ubi. Zhao Hongyi, the founder of Uni-Ubi, attended the conference and said new retail and consumption upgrading can be seen in stores, like those of HEYTEA and MINISO. Consumers chose a product and its value at the same time, which can reflect their minds. He believed that with environmental intelligence in the future, the world would bring us more choices and possibilities and provide personal services and more convenience.

CES Asia 2017 comes to the end with the conference closing. During three days’ exhibition, all visitors must be shocked by the fast development of AI after seeing various black-technology products. As Einstein once said, imagination was more important than knowledge. The times of imagination may have come.

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