LKK holds X Species Design Exhibition during 2017 Beijing Design Week

2017 Beijing Design Week will be held from 21th Sept to 6th Oct with the theme of “Design +”at the China Millennium Monument. Thousands of activities will be held in 42 branch venues including 9 districts in Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei Province and so on. LKK’s X Species Design Exhibition will be open at the center hall to show the “Ingenuity, Pioneer and Beauty” of their designs.

Witness the New Born of Design

LKK’s X Species Design will be held at center hall, first floor of the China Millennium Monument. This is the second time for LLK to participate Beijing Design Week since the first Week in 2001.

LKK’s X Species Design Exhibition will be presented in three sections with themes of “new product”, “new imagination” and “new story”. There are several interactive areas creating many settings under the concept of new consumption and showing new product designs beyond customers’ needs. All these fully present their idea of “X Species”. And design sharing platform of LKK will show many works by different designers to public. At the same time, LKK will hold online activities of this Design Week.

Now as the forerunner of innovative design, LKK believes it will hold a design feast of “Creation, Vision and Interaction”. Looking forward to 21th Sept!

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