LKK and De Rucci V6, New Design and Better Sleep Experience

On September 1, De Rucci, a high-end bedding& bedroom furniture brand, held a launch event for its fashion brand V6 inDongguan, Guangzhou. As De Rucci’s strategic partner, LKK was invited to attendthis event. Li Yichao, LKK’s CEO, Wang Bingkun, De Rucci’s president, and YaoJiqing, De Rucci’s CEO, together attended the event. At the meeting, Li Yichaogave the audience a wonderful speech named “Users Create Great Products”.

People born in 1980s and 1990s are now themain consumers. Their demand and taste for fashion furniture, more changeableand modern, are raising with the improved consumption level. According to theWhite Paper on Sleeping Index of Chinese Youth in 2017, over 80% youths inChina have sleep disorders. The statistics shows users’ new demands andprovides a large potential market for the functional fashion furniture.


V6, redefine sleep

2017 witnesses the rapid integration ofglobal resources for De Rucci. In the strategic cooperation among De Rucci, LKKand Bedgear, three parties take improving people’s sleep as the core, andpursue greater life through good sleep. The same values put a solid foundationfor their cooperation.

In this cooperation, LKK providedinnovative designs based on users ‘demands, while Bedgear, an Americanfunctional bedding furniture manufacturer and a major cooperation partner ofV6, offered integrated sleep plans based on technological innovation andinteractive selling experience. 


Bring new experience, create new sleep

In order to have greater and healthiersleep experience, De Rucci continued integrating resources and upgrading thesystem of healthy sleep. And its ways to drive the innovation of productsinclude both technological advance and design. At the launch event, De Rucciannounced officially its cooperation with LKK, and V6 and LKK will together explorethe relations of human being, things and locations, think how to communicate withothers and entertain in the bedroom of V6, build an ecological bedroom andcreate new sleep experience.

Good designs come from the observation toconsumers. For people born in 1980s and 1990s, the bedroom is not only a placefor rest, but a personal space featuring entertainment, social media andspending time alone. Therefore, how to give bedding furniture an intellectualproperty is one of our explorations with V6. Li Yichao even raised someinteresting topics at the event like integrating the Glory of Kings and IronMan into V6 products.


Brand new design, explore new dimension

LKK built a value chain of innovativeproducts through creative design. Through the cooperation, LKK and V6 willcontinue making breakthroughs, and even more making a brand-new design based onthe observation to consumers. We will redefine people’s views on sleep from theperspectives of new sites, services, experience and consumption, offering moreselections and customized sleep for those born in 1980s and 1990s.

The whole ecological chain, only for better sleep

As the integrator of global resources, DeRucci has always making efforts to integrate good and healthy sleep resourcesin the world and making health sleep for users since its founding. Afterreaching a strategic cooperation with Lamborghini and Technogel Sleeping, DeRucci will be more efficient to complete its global eco-chain of sleep with thesupport of LKK and Bedgear. In the next 1 or 2 years, we will provide moresuitable products for young consumers.

De Rucci’s integration of resourcesincludes that of sleep resources and of resources from other fields. V6 and LKKwill take users’ demands as the core, start from products and experience, andresolve users’ pain points, thus realizing the mission of “better sleep forhuman being”. 

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