LKK’s X Spices Design exhibition a hit at 2017 Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week opened on September 21in China Millennium Monument and nearly a thousand creative design events willbe held in 42 cultural and creative venues in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei duringthe week.

Beijing Design Week holds four exhibitionsin China Millennium Monument, among which there is X Species Design of LKKDesign.

X Species Design, masterminded by Jia Wei,founder of LKKER Technology and Wu Sheng, founder of Scene Lab, has attractedlots of attention from the audience.

LKKER, the sharing platform of design underLKK Design, also undertake the whole task of 2017 Beijing InternationalInternet Design Week as the strategic partner of this year’s design week.

X Species Design, a readable and experientialdesign exhibition

The X Species Design will be exhibited fromSeptember 21 to October 6 in the central exhibition hall on the first floor ofChina Millennium Monument. The exhibition has 3 sections with themes of “newproduct”, “new imagination” and “new story”. It, centered in design, conveysthe spirits of originality, craftsmanship and pursue of beauty to the visitors.

Wang Ning, the vice mayor of Beijingparticipated the opening ceremony of Beijing Design Week and visited theexhibition of X Species Design on September 21.

In “new imagination” section, the unstaffed supermarket lab shows the scenariosof unstaffed supermarket to visitors through videos. In vehicles Internet lab,LITE vehicle of BAIC makes debut. This new type car is very eye-catching withits multiple innovative functions, including internal LED screens that canproduce and send emoji to other cars. The car can also provide customizeddecoration.

Many design works displayed in “newproduct” section make visitors feel the strong power of AI in this new era.There are electronic-powered bicycles, LED screens and new-type voice boxes,the details of which create amazing visual effect to make visitors feel the newera. At the same time, LKK’s design works, like Little G Robot for Alibaba,Sineva household robot, Himalaya AI voice box, Iflytek translation machines,present new products in AI era to visitors.


The methodology of service design and truedesign cases are presented throughout the layout of “new story” section. Forexample, the meal box inspired by design concept of Lego totally changes thefunction and external form of traditional meal boxes. The section also asks a seriesof questions that visitors want to answer, like “What is the most embarrassingshop assistance service of yours?”, “What is worst after-sales service?”, “Whatis the most faulty smart product you have used?”. Through answering thosequestions, visitors can personally take part in the process of creating newproducts.

X Species Design exhibition sets six interactive areas. Visitors can see thechanges of food in the new-type oven, speak with AI voice box and feel thevirtual world through AR. The whole exhibition is recorded and visitors canscan the code to find their video clips and pictures at the exhibition andprint the pictures out.


Designing power creates innovative products


The concept of “shared design and massentrepreneurship for innovative products” is blended throughout the X SpeciesDesign exhibition. LKK, together with Mobike, Mao King and Ctan, sets up threemass entrepreneurship sections and also releases dozens of setup missions ondesign platform LKKER. Visitors can scan the codes to participate and become atrue creator of new products.


At the exit of exhibition hall, the parkingpiles produced by both LKKER and Mobike make the debut. Bike-sharing ischanging the map of urban consumption and also influencing the direction ofcity planning. The mass entrepreneurship area of Mobike displays 100 parkingmodes for Mobike bicycles thought up by public on LKKER platform. At the scene,visitors can also write their thoughts down to share with others.


Comeback after eight years


With the exhibition of X Species Design,LKK Design made a successful comeback after eight years of its first participationin Beijing Design Week. During the past eight years, LKK Design has become oneof the leaders of China’s innovative design industry. Through the exhibition,the company will empower every visitor the power of creative design. 

The power of creative design will continueto spread off Beijing with the X Species Design on show from September 22 toOctober 6. 

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