LKK is an innovation company.

During the past 13 years, LKK has won over 140 domestic and overseas design awards.

The awards include 14 iF Design Awards, 29 Red Dot Awards in Germany, 24 International Design Excellence Awards in America, 1 G-Mark Award in Japan and 61 Red Star Design Awards in China.

Mechanism design

LKK is a product realization company.

During the past 13 years, user experience-centered LKK has committed itself to providing integrated solutions to creative products in B2B design service industry, such as product strategies and researches, designs of industrial products, constructions, brands, UI interaction and services, production supply chain management and other systemic innovative design services.

Case appreciation

Product innovation design

- New industrial equipment - New medical health - New smart hardware - New life consumption - New smart travel - Robot design - Empty net production desig - New energy product design

R & D and supply chain

- Feasibility assessmen - Shouban production - Structural design - Institutional design - Mold design and production - Hardware development - Resource matching - Small batch trial production - Project management - Production supply - Simulation analysis - Supply Chain Consulting

New consumer branding

- Slogan - Mascot design - Mascot design - Packaging (bottle) design - Commercial space guide design

UI / UE design

- Automotive HMI design - Web design development - APP design and development - Enterprise software design - Data visualization design - User Experience Training - Usability test

Design of derivative products

- Museum Derivatives - Tourism derivatives - Entertainment IP derivatives - Cultural gifts
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