Wei Jia

Associate Research Fellow, Research Institute of cultural industries, Peking University

Chinese only monopolize the red dot, iF, IDEA, red star four international top designers design award

He was awarded the ten outstanding youth of China's design industry

2012 London 100%DESIGN China Design Museum nomination creative director

The only time many top national leaders met with Chinese designers

The only special industrial designer in the world design conference

Director of China Industrial Design Association

Member of the IDSA Industrial Designers Association of America

Director of China Original Design Promotion Association

National youth entrepreneurship education, excellent instructors and other honorary titles of designers

Yichao Li

Design, management, and product PI identification system specialists

As a design elite, with hundreds of products successfully listed achievements, as a manager, I hope to lead the team to become China's best

The product innovation strategy specialist, as a general manager of the Department, is committed to designing the consultancy institution named after Mr. Jia Wei as a high level of design

End brand. Serving customers across the consumer goods, cultural products, high-end products, consumer electronics, home products and other industries Prior to the enterprise, led by the team members have ten years of industry experience, to provide customers from strategy to positioning, from brand to product, from design

An all round, one-stop service to production.

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