Cat in the Palace: Cultural Product with Historic
Cat in the Palace: Cultural Product with Historic Cat in the Palace: Cultural Product with Historic Cat in the Palace: Cultural Product with Historic

Cat in the Palace: Cultural Product with Historic

In this age of mass tourism, consumers want to present cultural and creative product with cultural specificity, story and emotion to relatives and friends. There are various kinds of tourism products in the Imperial Palace nowadays, but few of them can satisfy consumers’ needs. Therefore, the Imperial Palace hoped the cooperation with LKK cultural creative team could create an exclusive cultural and creative IP symbol for the Imperial Palace and products which not only fit aesthetic tastes of modern consumers, but also have cultural creativity in them.

After previous investigations in the Palace and profile analysis of tourists, LKK designers sorted out and integrated products and collections in the Palace. By using CBD mass innovation model, all 400 designers at LKK created more than 800 products in 17 themes in 52 days. That is how Imperial Palace Cat came into being.

In the multi-angle analysis on collections and buildings, designer found that cats can catch mouse. Besides, cats and butterflies in Chinese are homonymous with Mao Die, suggesting auspiciousness and longevity. It’s also the reason why cats have always been used as a painting theme and have gained an auspicious meaning. Therefore, cats are the favorite animal among the folk and royal courts, including the Forbidden City. Though time flies, the Imperial Palace Cat are still guarding the Palace with a new appearance. By abstraction and extraction of background stories, designers gave vitality to its intellectual property (IP) with brilliant storytelling, continuity and creativity. Products derived from the cat model can be used in different scenes with fine experience and suitability.

Until now, the Imperial Palace Cat series have developed over 200 SKU and been marketed. They have been launched as the only product line designed by specific IP in the Imperial Palace flagship store on the Tmall online shopping site. The only theme image experience store in the Imperial Palace has been open. The only intelligent robot designed according the Palace Cat image has been launched, which offers consulting services and have brought new vitality and vigor to the conventional Imperial Palace.

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