The Hottest Selling Air Purifier and Industry Lead
The Hottest Selling Air Purifier and Industry LeadThe Hottest Selling Air Purifier and Industry LeadThe Hottest Selling Air Purifier and Industry Lead

The Hottest Selling Air Purifier and Industry Lead

In 2014, Honeywell International and LKK Group jointly produce a quality air purifier—Air Touch for Chinese users to cope with haze and air pollution.

This is the first time that Honeywell collaborates with a foreign team to promote a major project’s development and design; while for LKK Group, they need to ensure the product’s core purifying function and the comfort and convenience for users at the same time, which is a challenging creative design.

The user study and strategy team of LKK Group constantly communicates with Honeywell, and starts the work from the life style of potential customers, the market environment of China’s air purifier, and the bottleneck of current industry.

From the early market research and analysis, product definition, user definition, product research and development, product design, APP development, brand packaging to the later production tests and mass production, LKK Group offers a full process product development services. 

The new inner structure is for use’s convenience of replacing strainers. With creative drawer folding method, just a touch can complete the replacing work. With different representing colors, strainer elements can be accurately replaced.

In addition, with product descriptions placing in the air purifier, users can check it at any time, which can eliminate the embarrassment of losing the descriptions after long time use, so users do not have to keep these papers for a long time.

The matched APP is in line with the user’s usage. What if the strainer needs to be replaced? Consumers usually need to go out to buy the new one, or shop online; the former is complicated, while the latter needs customers to remember the model number, and screen online to find the suitable one, where there exist a lot of risks such as false information. Therefore, we add a purchase option in the APP, and users just need to find the QR Code on the cartridge, scan it, and start the purchasing. What’s more, APP also has family air quality real-time monitoring, travel advice, records of the surrounding air quality and other functions.

In the red ocean market of air purifiers, LKK Group helps Honeywell air purifier find its market positioning and target uses through market research, user research and big data analysis. Product definition, function research and design, and user experience design are carried out according to the results. Product differentiation strategy is presented from the use experience of product’s hardware and software. Ultimately, Air Touch becomes the hot sale among air purifiers.
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