Tatung Steam Rice Cooker
Tatung Steam Rice CookerTatung Steam Rice CookerTatung Steam Rice Cooker

Tatung Steam Rice Cooker

Tatung is a famous Taiwan brand with a hundred year’s history. Tatung stream rice cooker is of 55 years’ history. LKK Group collaborates with Tatung Company to design a stream rice cooker for office workers.

Multi-functional cooker for rice cooking, hotpot eating, stir-frying, and steamed stuffed bun making. Elegant transparent cover allows you to watch delicious food being cooked.

Difficult point 1: Because of the difference between the imagination and reality in design, the linking of handle screws affects the appearance of the steam rice cooker.

Smart solution: Making good use of the space to smartly design the hidden screws.

Difficult point 2: The inner body of the steam rice cooker loses heat by aluminum alloy, hereby causing the high temperature of the switch, poor heat dissipation, distortion of the switch components, and bad experience of users.

Smart solution: Adding heat shield to the steam rice cooker, and making sure a transparent acrylic handle to reducing the conduction of heat, without affecting the product’s function.

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