Introduction to Xiaoya AI Speaker
Introduction to Xiaoya AI SpeakerIntroduction to Xiaoya AI SpeakerIntroduction to Xiaoya AI Speaker

Introduction to Xiaoya AI Speaker

Xiaoya AI Speaker is an intelligent speaker designed with the concept of “listening everything through voice command instead of action” supported by Himalaya, LKK Group and Orion Star.

Base on rich content on Himalaya platform, it includes 60 million pieces of audio content in 328 categories, such as finance and economy, news, business, novel, automobile, etc., and several powerful functions including “intelligent recommendation”, “play from breakpoints”, “life assistant” and “audio reproduction” as well.

Xiaoya is designed to have the voice of the girl next door. In order to find the most suitable voice in line with its character to enhance its affinity, designers have analyzed and even adjusted every curve for hundreds of times so as to make it more elegant and smoother. The curve connected to the top has been adjusted over and over again to provide the best visual perception.

In consideration of user experience, the top of the speaker is designed to be slightly cambered, which not only meets the demand of leaving room for sound effect, but also strengthens users’ tactile experience. It’s very difficult to find the slight camber with human eyes, but when touching it to adjust the sound volume, one will acquire a subtle sense of touch which increases emotional interactions with Xiaoya.

There’s no operation signs on the speaker. From designers’ perspective, there is no need to guide the simple volume control and confirming operation because it could be done by relying on common operative habit. Therefore, designers boldly abandoned the sign details with deep understanding of users’ habits.

Xiaoya could be used in every scenes of life. It could be placed on the bedside table, dining room and kitchen, and could be either an intimate sister or a girl next door. 

Therefore, considering texture, thread count, elasticity and sound permeability, designers chose the kind of cloth of soft furnishing from thousands of types of cloth as the extra packing outside the metal body, which is distinguished from other cold-metal speakers in the market with its own warm expressions.

Tripod pedestal is the most challenging part in the designing process. Originally, the “small and round” tripod pedestal weakened the stability of speaker. Having tried for many times, designers reversed the initial design and rethought its essence that the contact area should be reduced as much as possible to avoid the acoustic interference caused by resonance. With unremitting efforts of dozens of manuscripts trials, the final version of Xiaoya speaker appears.

Xiaoya is not only an intelligent speaker for Himalaya, but also a brand new start of “transformation” to transfer content carrier from the app to a product. Furthermore, it’s not only an intelligent speaker for LKK Group, but another solid step for the transformation from scheme-oriented design towards innovation-oriented design.

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