Pocket Translation Machine
Pocket Translation MachinePocket Translation MachinePocket Translation Machine

Pocket Translation Machine

Easy trans 600 is a portable translation machine designed, developed, produced and marketed by LKK Group for iFLYTEK. This machine can meet the translation needs and requirements of all kinds of people in different scenarios, therefore it can be called a pocket translator.

LKK Group is client-oriented. Its designs focus on the operating and interactive mode of users, involving smart voice technology and other hardware for the sake of more precise and intelligent products. Along with the excellent equipment, optimized designs are undertaken from the perspective of users’ mentality.

This translation machine is designed by making use of the transmitting means of sound wave and user’s interactive mode. Conciseness, commerce and black color are doting with beautiful gold. The round button in the middle of this machine is surrounded by indicator lights, showing the high quality of this device. Its hyperbolical surface combines beauty and comfortable experience perfectly. 

Designers perfectly match the stacked hardware and appearance design to make the device small and portable. 

Apart from appearance design, LKK Group participates in the management of product development project, design review, feasibility evaluation of production, structure design, supplier development management, development of electronic software and hardware, mould development, product verification test, China Compulsory Certification, packaging planning, quality management, and supply management.

LKK Group participates in the forefront work of industrial design, controls the entire process of product’s development, design and production, and ensures the end products can be the perfect presentation of the design concept. According to the requirements of product definition and appearance, LKK Group outlines the internal framework to ensure the function and technics of products. The resource integration capability helps the group choose the right manufacturers. In the process of production, the best solution comes along with the professional engineering management system. Perfect quality management and guarantee system is to maximize the rate of qualified products and on time delivery.

Easy trans 600 is more than a translation machine. We are determined to make it easier to bridge language barriers through design.
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