The Last Kilometer’s Courier
The Last Kilometer’s CourierThe Last Kilometer’s CourierThe Last Kilometer’s Courier

The Last Kilometer’s Courier

In China, the annual number of express delivery is more than 20 billion. The key to success in this huge market and industry is to cope with the problem of the last kilometer’s delivery. LKK Group collaborates with Cai Niao logistics ET lab of Alibaba Group to create an autonomous cruise express delivery robot Cai Niao G.

The team of LKK Group deeply analyzes every link in the delivery process, establishes a real time product-service system through the service design ideas, and implements the user-centered development and design of products guided by systematic research and analysis; with sensors and other hardware, the robot is designed as autonomous, precise and safety as possible. Coordinating with the hardware development team, they select and stack the hardware to optimize the modeling design, and they are responsible for the appearance design and structure design by considering the robot’s brand attribute, industry attribute and later-stage maintenance.

1. To design Cai Niao G’s technology sense of anthropomorphic design language.

2. White is the main color with lovely and modern technological design style, while the front cover is in black, so there is a contrast. The doting double-ring round indicator lights highlights the sense of technology and the overall line shows the firmness and all the characteristics of the product.

3. To match the appearance design with the sensor function needs to deeply analyze the technical parameter requirements of each sensor, carry out the shape optimization, and turn all the robot’s caves into its design features.

The first generation of logistics smart robot that LKK Group designed for Cai Niao Network has come onto the market, appeared in the major smart products exhibitions, and drawn the media’s attention at home and abroad. Currently, Cai Niao G works in the Alibaba Xixi Park normally, and every employees of Alibaba can enjoy receiving the express delivery. Cai Niao G has become the first autonomous cruise delivery robot and the benchmark in the industry.
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