Carrobot Changes Your Car to A Smart OneHaier Smar
Carrobot Changes Your Car to A Smart OneHaier SmarCarrobot Changes Your Car to A Smart OneHaier SmarCarrobot Changes Your Car to A Smart OneHaier Smar

Carrobot Changes Your Car to A Smart OneHaier Smar

With the success of its Carrobot G1, iLeja Tech Corporation began to plan the improvement of software and hardware and the design of the second version.

But how to integrate and optimize software and hardware? How to improve the old appearance design for a more accurate market positioning? To solve these problems, iLeja finally found LKK.

After analyses and researches on the vehicular intelligent terminal market and the first version of the product, LKK design team took the design requirements into the design elements and concepts. LKK maintained and promoted the products identity so as to make it more recognizable and outstanding in the market in line with its series features.
During the design process, designers were meticulous, even for a one-millimeter-sized detail, for the purpose of the best optimized inner structural design with high quality and precision. They combined the design with the reality of the situation where the product is set to be used after rich experience and feeling. Therefore, the high-tech and cool products were able to perfectly fit the environment.

There were many problems to be solved in heat dissipation and spatial arrangement on account of its function of voice control, heads-up display, smart navigation, intelligent company and reminding, etc. By means of inner structural optimization, LKK deliberated every curve, breaking a number of barriers including cooling, big size and driving sight distance limitation after more than 10 trials.

iLeja Tech, together with the resource integration by LKK, has successfully optimized and improved software and hardware of Carrobot intelligent robot. With smooth and recognizable appearance design of high-tech and vehicle elements, Carrobot has made outstanding achievements and become a leader in the intelligent vehicle robot industry. It also has been way ahead than other competitive products in the crowd funding stage. No matter what kind of car you are driving, it can be transformed into an intelligent vehicle once equipped with Carrobot.
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